Chestnut Flour 2 to 4 pounds

Chestnut Flour 2 to 5 pounds
USD $0.00
As chestnut flour is made to order to keep it fresh, orders must be called to Joel at 352-213-2239.

Chestnut flour is bagged in the 16 ounce (one pound) bag as shown.  Orders of 2 to 4 pounds will come in individual one pound bags.
Each bag is $6.95.   Shipping is the same regardless of number of bags up to four bags. For example, two 16 ounce bags is $13.90 with $15.00 shipping.  Four one pound bags is $27.80, plus $15.00 for shipping.  The cost of shipping is the same whether it is 2 bags or four bags!

This flour is made from the best chestnuts in our co-op. They are dried, peeled and inspected, then stone ground and bagged.

Naturally gluten free, this flour is all natural and has no preservatives. This flour has an excellent shelf life when refrigerated.

Bulk sales of 5 pounds  or more are available!  For information, please call Joel at 352-213-2239.
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